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Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)
Official Website:
Nature of Exam : Paper Based Test (PBT)
Exam fee : $ 103.5 with Essay and $ 92 without Essay
Payment mode : Credit Card
Exam Validity : 5 Years
Exam cancellation : $10 refund
Exam Postponement : $28 extra charge.
Late registration fee : $28
Frequency of Test: Six times in a year – January, May, June, October, November & December.
Free Score Reporting:  There is a provision of reporting your SAT test scores to a maximum of four universities of your choice until 9 days after the test , the cost of which is built into the SAT test fee you pay.
Additional Test Score Reporting Fees : US $11.25

What is SAT?

Scholastic Aptitude Test I is the required qualifying test, on the score of which most of the US Institutions generally take a decision for admission for all the undergraduate programs. Many universities also require you to take SAT-Subject tests.

Exam Pattern:

(Total Time : 3hrs 55 mins)

  • Evidence-Based Reading and Writing  : (800 Marks)
    • Reading Test: 65 mins. (52 standard multiple-choice questions)
    • Writing & Language Test : 35 mins. (44 standard multiple – choice)                                                                   
  • Mathematics:  (800 Marks)
    • No Calculator: 25 mins. (20 Questions)
    • Calculator: 55 mins. (38 Questions)
  • Essay ( Optional and Separate) : 1 evidence-based essay,50 mins (2 to 8 scale score)
  • SAT is out of 1600

The SAT structure is as follows:



Critical Reading

Writing and Language

Essay (Optional)


80 minutes (55 minutes with calculator + 25 minutes without calculator)

65 minutes

44 minutes

50 minutes

Number of Questions





Concentrated Focus on

Problem-solving and data analysis;
"The Heart of Algebra";
"Passport to Advanced Math";
Real-world problem solving accompanied by informational graphics

1 Evidence-Based Reading to test understanding of U.S. and World Literature

"Expression of Ideas" and "Standard English Conventions" through passages relating to Careers, History/Social Studies, Humanities, and Science

Reading, analysis, and writing skills; requires students to analyze a source document and explain how the author builds an argument

SAT Scoring Methodology

Two sections of SAT (Mathematics and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing) will be scored on a scale that ranges from 200-800 points giving a possible total of 1600. Sub scores and insight scores will also be reported along with an optional essay (scored separately).

Questions that a student does not answer do not count either for or against their score. Neither are points taken away for wrong answers on the math questions where the answers has to be entered into a grid. The raw score for each section is then converted into a scaled score. This is where the score of 200–800 points comes from, which is done through a statistical process called 'equating'.

Key points to bear in mind when taking the New SAT:

  • As against to the old SAT guidelines, there is no negative marking or wrong-answer penalty.
  • Too much time is often taken up answering specific questions, especially, in the Critical Reading section, which results in loss of valuable time to attempt other questions. Also, the critical reading section now does not asks for sentence completions.
  • There are only 4 answer choices per question in the New SAT test format.
  • Only a portion of questions focus on in-depth analysis of content and evidence
  • SAT is available in print and digitally


Why is the SAT important for college admissions?

  • Colleges and Universities use different criterion during the admission process, the SAT being one of them. The test score is an important parameter that institutions evaluate while processing your application for admission, in order to understand you better.

What is the set duration for the SAT?

The SAT consists of 2 main sections:

  • A 50-minute essay (optional)
  • One 80-minute Mathematics section
  • One 44 Minute Writing & Language section
  • A 65-minute Critical Reading section

Total test time: 3 hours and 50 minutes.

How is the SAT scored?

SAT is scored on a scale of 200-800 scale for each of Maths, Critical Reading and Writing.

How many times should I take the SAT?

Preparation is the key. Most students may take the SAT once or twice. We recommend that you prepare well before appearing for the exam as there is no evidence that taking the SAT multiple times significantly improves your score.

How many times is the SAT conducted every year?

6 times (Jan, May, June, Oct, Nov, Dec). The test is generally conducted on the first Saturday of the month (except in the month of January, when it is taken on the last Saturday).